Make it amazing, make it with Pampas

Be inspired to create with Pampas

We’ve all seen the popular TV shows where contestants race against the clock in a bid to wow the judges with their food creations. Although certainly impressive, being able to throw a croquembouche together in a couple of hours is a far cry from reality for some of us. When it comes to pastry, making it from scratch can be time consuming and fiddly (particularly puff pastry with its intricate layering). Perhaps best known for making pies, quiche and tarts, here at Pampas we want to open your eyes to a whole new world of pastry possibilities. Whether you’re still finding your feet in the kitchen or you’re an established master chef, Pampas’ range of pre-rolled pastry sheets and shells will give you the confidence to create.

Re-Pie-Cle Those Leftovers