Turn Today's Food into Tomorrow's Filling!

Be inspired with a delicious array of recipe's to use up those leftovers and reduce your food wastage by creating wholesome, delicious pies!
Celebrity Chef, Matt Stone has teamed up with Pampas Pastry to create Re-Pie-Cling.

What is Re-Pie-Cling?

Pies are so versatile that you can literally put almost anything in them and your dish will taste delicious.

At the same time people are wasting more and more food and throwing out items close to expiry or ingredients they don't know how to combine.

We at Pampas Pastry decided that its time to think differently about the food around us.

With Pampas, today's food can be tomorrow's filling. 
We took the opportunity to start a movement around reinventing and saving food in a tasty way which speaks to the current global trend about being conscious of food wastage.

To understand food trends and the behaviours of Australians, we conducted a Galaxy Survey and part of the results indicated:

  • $63 billion spent on purchasing food each year in Australia with $10 billion of this becoming food waste
  • Aussie households waste an average of $1,000 each year on uneaten food 
  • 92% of Australian households throw out cooked food each week
  • 71% of Australians want to be more sustainable in the kitchen

 We were astounded by the results from the Galaxy Survey, so we decided; Australia, its time to start Re-Pie-Cling!

Check out Matt Stone's Recipe ideas and video's by clicking on any of the below:

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